Super Mario Bros U Deluxe – Nintendo Switch


• All time classic Super Mario, anytime, anywhere with anyone!

• Run, leap and stomp your way through more than 160 2D side-scrolling courses in traditional Super Mario style

• Up to four players can work together to grab coins and topple enemies on their way to the Goal Pole

• See who can nab the most gold in frantic, friendly and above all, fun competition!

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New Super Mario Bros. U is getting the deluxe treatment on Nintendo Switch! Luigi’s first starring role in a platforming adventure, New Super Luigi U, is getting the deluxe treatment too, and comes packed in! A single Joy-Con controller is all each player needs.

Enjoy 164 courses for up to four players anytime, anywhere! Mario, Luigi, and Toad are all here, and if that’s not enough, Nabbit and Toadette are joining in the fun as well.

Nabbit doesn’t take damage from enemies, which can really come in handy. And if Toadette powers up with a Super Crown, she transforms into Peachette! Peachette can double-jump, float slowly during freefall, and get a boost back up if she falls into a pit.